Soap2Day Shut Down By Federal Court Following Hollywood Legal Action


Soap2Day Shut Down By Federal Court Following Hollywood Legal Action

The operators of Soap2Day, one of the world’s most popular pirate streaming sites, offered no reasons when they suddenly shut down the site mid-June but a very credible explanation has emerged in Canada. At the end of May, a dozen companies including several Hollywood studios, Netflix and Bell Media, launched legal action against Soap2Day. The site shut down a day after being served.

soap2day-logoMany pirate sites have attracted large volumes of traffic over the years but a relatively new breed of streaming portals have taken things to a whole new level.

Excellent traffic levels a few years ago were measured in tens of millions of visits per month, but when Soap2Day suddenly threw in the towel around June 12/13, the site was receiving at least 108 million visits. Given that traffic levels were trending up and the site had no obvious technical issues, a zero-notice termination of a hugely successful platform prompts a single question: why now?

Dozens of reasons lie behind the closure of hundreds of sites over the years, but it’s extremely rare for highly successful sites to throw in the towel for minor reasons. A catastrophic team issue was a possible explanation when Soap2Day shut itself down, but the safer money was always on legal problems.

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