Sky’s Recent IPTV Blocking Injunction Isn’t Unusual, It’s Extraordinary


Sky’s Recent IPTV Blocking Injunction Isn’t Unusual, It’s Extraordinary

During the summer, UK broadcaster Sky obtained a High Court injunction to compel local ISPs to block pirate IPTV services offering its content illegally. Basic details pertaining to a novel aspect of the injunction were reported but little seemed wildly out of the ordinary. It transpires that the High Court initially had reservations concerning the order, but the biggest surprise is what Sky aimed to block: “relatively banal” content of limited value.

blocked tvNews that Sky had won a new High Court injunction to tackle pirate IPTV services first appeared in the Financial Times on July 30, 2023.

The article outlined an injunction similar to those previously obtained by the Premier League, noting that ISPs would be compelled to block Sky’s “best selling football games and blockbuster TV shows.” Why Sky would go to the trouble of obtaining an injunction to block access to matches, already being blocked by the Premier League, still makes little sense. Blocking TV shows was new, however.

The FT reported that the order obtained by Sky was designed to protect a “broader range of content” from across its programming.

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