Sky Targets *47* Pirate IPTV Providers, Specifics Prevail After Police ‘Gagging’


Sky Targets *47* Pirate IPTV Providers, Specifics Prevail After Police ‘Gagging’

Earlier this year, dozens of news outlets amplified the erroneous conclusion that 1,000 homes in the UK were receiving police visits for suspected involvement in IPTV piracy. This week, Sky and anti-piracy group FACT reported a similar operation using clear and unusually specific language. That’s a welcome change; back in January, police forces all over the UK were instructed not to discuss visit numbers due to fears that the deterrent effect would be watered down.

iptv-smallIn the absence of sudden momentous events, shaping entrenched public opinion requires astute calculations and considerable patience, built on a foundation of financial power.

Right now and most likely for the foreseeable future, the corporations behind the BeStreamWise anti-piracy campaign believe that given enough time, attitudes towards pirate IPTV devices can be shaped in favor of legal alternatives.

The main strategy observed to date aims to increase sensitivity to risk by constantly associating piracy with crimes against the individual; malware-infested devices stealing banking details, IPTV operators’ involvement in wider, exponentially more serious crime, and messaging that portrays subscription payments fueling that criminality, whatever it might be.

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