Russian Cinemas Are Showing Pirated Movies Downloaded From Torrents


Russian Cinemas Are Showing Pirated Movies Downloaded From Torrents

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several Hollywood studios announced the immediate suspension of new releases in Russia. Unexpectedly, some Russian theaters are still able to show movies such as The Batman on the big screen but this isn’t down to the studios. The movies are sourced from illegal torrent sites and few seem afraid to admit it.

Pirate KeyAs the horrors caused by Russia’s invasion of neighbor Ukraine continue, the geopolitical and financial implications are being felt throughout the world.

Dozens of countries aligned with the defense of Ukraine have implemented unprecedented sanctions. From withering restrictions on Russia’s banking system to a simple refusal to do business, the desire is to restrict Putin’s ability to wage war.

On a public level, US and EU entertainment companies have also suspended business, meaning that Netflix, Spotify and similar services are a thing of the past. Hollywood studios Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros., and Sony announced a suspension of new movie releases, meaning that at least for the foreseeable future, blockbusters such as The Batman won’t be seen on Russia’s big screens.

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