Russia Blocks and Begins Blocking of Wider Tor Network


Russia Blocks and Begins Blocking of Wider Tor Network

On the orders of Russian authorities, ISPs in Russia have blocked, the main domain of the privacy-focused anti-censorship tool Tor. The move comes hot on the heels of moves to block access to the wider Tor network following allegations that the service helps people to access previously blocked sites and facilitates crime, including access to the dark web.

TorIn an effort to control what its citizens can and cannot access on the internet, Russia continues to develop systems for denying access to websites and services.

From copyright infringing content to terrorist propaganda (and whatever the government deems offensive in between), Russia is determined to implement restrictions on Internet users, regardless of the broader implications.

At least initially, local users confidently utilized tools including VPNs to circumvent censorship but with rising pressure from the authorities, even these have come under threat, despite the consequences.

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