‘Rojadirecta Ordered to Pay Over €500,000 in Sports Piracy Damages’


‘Rojadirecta Ordered to Pay Over €500,000 in Sports Piracy Damages’

Popular sports streaming site Rojadirecta has found itself on the losing end of a piracy battle in Italy. The Court of Rome has found the Spanish company liable for infringing the rights of local broadcaster Mediaset and reportedly ordered the streaming portal to pay 529,579 euros in damages. However, the court didn’t grant all Mediaset’s requests.

Red CardFounded more than 16 years ago, Rojadirecta is one of the oldest and most popular linking sites for sports streaming events.

The site, which is operated by the Spanish company Puerto 80 Projects, has built a loyal user base over the years. At the same time, it has fought quite a few legal battles too.

The Spanish site famously challenged a domain seizure by the U.S. Government, with success. On its home turf, there have been some victories in court as well but, in recent years, the tide has turned.

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