Roblox Piracy: Developer Demands Thousands of Gamers’ Personal Details


Roblox Piracy: Developer Demands Thousands of Gamers’ Personal Details

A DMCA subpoena application filed in a California court is seeking to identify potentially tens of thousands of people for being part of Roblox groups, some of which contain members allegedly involved in game piracy. Christopher Boomer’s games already have billions of legitimate views, with his copyrights and trademark filings hinting at a beyond-luxury lifestyle.

robloxEvery day an estimated 30 million players jump into Roblox, an online game where players can play games created by other users. Around 40 million games is the current estimate.

Developing games for Roblox can be extremely lucrative. The company behind Roblox revealed that developers and creators earned more than $500 million on the platform in 2021 alone, a huge amount considering that most developers are mostly young adults, some earning around $2m a year.

It’s clear then that Roblux content is worth protecting so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see a DMCA subpoena filed at a California court last week complaining about piracy on the platform. After digging further into the details, it soon becomes apparent that what goes on in Roblox doesn’t necessarily stay in Roblox and can have real-world consequences.

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