RipRequests Dead After RIAA ‘Hand Delivers’ Piracy Cease-and-Desist


RipRequests Dead After RIAA ‘Hand Delivers’ Piracy Cease-and-Desist

Last month, RipRequests, a popular Discord server specializing in music piracy, went down after receiving a complaint relating to an early leak of Adele’s album ’30’. Its operator now says that the RIAA turned up at his home this weekend to hand-deliver a cease-and-desist notice.

RIAAUntil last month, RipRequests was a popular hangout for those looking to download music without the hassle of paying and, in some cases, waiting for an official release to come out.

While that worked well for years, the release of Adele’s new album ’30’ last month resulted in the Discord server and associated Reddit forum receiving some unwanted attention.

According to RipRequests’ operator, they only leaked ’30’ around 10 hours before its official release but, under US law at least, that is a criminal offense that could potentially carry a sentence of up to 10 years.

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