RIAA Uses DMCA Subpoena to Go After Discord Pirates


RIAA Uses DMCA Subpoena to Go After Discord Pirates

The RIAA has obtained a subpoena at a Columbia federal court that requires Discord to identify people who shared pirated content on the platform. While this is an isolated request, it’s possible that the music group will use this legal tool to identify other alleged copyright infringers in the future.

discordTackling online piracy is a complicated endeavor that often starts by identifying the operators of infringing sites and services. This is also where the first hurdles come into play.

Most people who pirate still keep their identities concealed. This applies to the operators of sites and services as well as their users.

This relative anonymity is a nuisance to anti-piracy groups, including the RIAA. While most online services refuse to voluntarily hand over user details, there are some legal tools that can help rightsholders move forward.

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