RIAA Takes Down Popular Music Piracy Discord Over Adele ’30’ Leak


RIAA Takes Down Popular Music Piracy Discord Over Adele ’30’ Leak

A popular Discord server specializing in music piracy has been taken down by the RIAA. Sources inside the RipRequests community suggest the problem stemmed from a pre-release leak of Adele’s new ’30’ album. This appears to be backed up by a cease-and-desist notice obtained by TF which cites criminal copyright law.

RIAAMost mainstream music is available on commercial services, for streaming or download, on the same date in dozens of countries around the world. Among other things, the coordinated Friday release scheme was designed to reduce piracy.

While for the vast majority of legitimate consumers this is sufficient to level the playing field, there is a smaller but significant subsection of music fans who not only prefer to have content more quickly, but also at zero cost.

This was one of the functions of the ‘RipRequests’ Discord server and corresponding community on Reddit. People keen to get the latest releases a few hours, days, or even weeks ahead of schedule were sometimes able to obtain them from dedicated bots. But while this has operated well for some time, the thirst for Adele’s new album appears to have been a step too far for the record labels.

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