RIAA Seeks $250,000 in Attorneys’ Fees from YouTube Ripper


RIAA Seeks $250,000 in Attorneys’ Fees from YouTube Ripper

After winning a landmark legal battle against Yout.com last month, the RIAA is seeking $250,000 in attorneys fees from the stream-ripping site. The music group successfully thwarted Yout’s request for a declaration that its service doesnt circumvent YouTube’s technological protection measures. This was a futile endeavor from the start, the RIAA argues.

yout logoPopular stream-ripping site Yout.com has been targeted in lawsuits around the world. As a result, the service is now blocked in countries including Denmark, the UK and Spain.

In addition, government agencies targeted the site and its operator in Brazil and Peru, further adding to Yout’s legal troubles.

Despite all of this legal pressure, Yout.com operator Johnathan Nader is convinced that his service operates within the boundaries of the law. To make this clear, he sued the RIAA, asking a Connecticut district court to declare that the site does not violate the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision.

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