RIAA & Rightscorp Defeat Renewed ‘False & Fraudulent’ Piracy Notice Claims


RIAA & Rightscorp Defeat Renewed ‘False & Fraudulent’ Piracy Notice Claims

The RIAA and anti-piracy partner Rightscorp have successfully countered allegations that they sent ‘false and fraudulent’ piracy notices. A New Jersey federal court dismissed the renewed counterclaims of Internet provider RCN, which failed to show that it was financially hurt by any incorrect or incomplete DMCA notices.

pirate flagsUnder US copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat infringers “in appropriate circumstances.”

Until a few years ago Internet providers rarely applied such a drastic measure but, backed by several court orders, ISPs are increasingly being held to this standard.

Internet provider RCN is among the targeted providers. Three years ago, the company was sued by several major music industry companies including Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, and Warner Records.

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