RIAA Hunts Pre-Release Music Pirates Behind UnreleasedSounds.gg


RIAA Hunts Pre-Release Music Pirates Behind UnreleasedSounds.gg

Music streaming apps like Spotify offer more than 100 million tracks but for some, nothing sounds better than leaked, unreleased music. ‘Unreleased Sounds’ is a site dedicated to this type of content and already linked to many high-profile leaks. After an artist, linked to Avicii, asked fans not to buy “stolen” music last year, the RIAA now wants to know who’s behind the site.

unreleasedsounds-gg-bsHuman beings have a tendency to want things they can’t have. A modest interest in a particular item or activity can inexplicably soar when it’s recognized as rare or unavailable. When strictly forbidden, even regular fruit can prove irresistible.

Spotify offers 100 million tracks to hear right now, including the vast majority of the greatest pieces of music ever written. Yet for some, the lure of an unreleased track can outweigh every single one of them; unattainable, forbidden and rare is a potent mix and may explain why pirates are paying silly money for leaked, pirated music.

When producer Tim Bergling passed away in 2018, the prospect of never hearing a new Avicii track was suddenly very real. Two albums and various tracks were eventually released, but then – PAB happened.

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