RIAA Counters Yout.com Stream-Ripper Brief at U.S. Court of Appeal


RIAA Counters Yout.com Stream-Ripper Brief at U.S. Court of Appeal

Hoping to have his stream-ripping service declared legal, in 2020 the operator of Yout.com proactively took on the RIAA. After the court ruled in favor of the recording labels in 2022, Yout took the case to appeal and in February filed its opening brief. This week the RIAA filed a 62-page response; it concedes not even a single, solitary inch.

yout logoWhen the global music industry declared YouTube-ripping platforms public enemy number one and responsible for most music piracy online, the stage was set for legal showdowns.

Stream-ripping platform Yout took the initiative in 2020 by suing the RIAA, hoping that the court would declare its service non-infringing. The battle to convince the judge centered on YouTube’s ‘rolling cypher’ and whether it should (or should not) be considered a Technological Protection Measure (TPM).

Under the DMCA, unauthorized circumvention of a TPM amounts to copyright infringement, so it was up to Yout owner Johnathan Nader to satisfy the judge that his platform does not amount to a circumvention tool. In 2022, Judge Stefan Underhill concluded that since Yout’s evidence failed to meet that standard, the case would be dismissed and the RIAA would emerge on top.

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