Research Suggests That Software Piracy Lowers Poverty


Research Suggests That Software Piracy Lowers Poverty

Piracy is a controversial topic and research into the effects of copyright infringement is widely debated as well. A new academic study adds an interesting angle by suggesting that software piracy might lower poverty. While this is a plausible conclusion, there could actually be more factors at play.

treasure chest pirate bountyWhen copyright holders discuss online piracy, they often highlight the associated losses. However, not all pirated downloads equal a loss.

While there is certainly a group of pirates who simply refuse to pay for content, there are also people who simply can’t afford it.

This is particularly true for software, which can be rather pricey. Interestingly, software piracy can also open up a door to escape from poverty. Mastering coding or editing skills, for example, allows people to start a business or join the workforce.

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