Reddit Defeats Filmmakers’ Second Attempt at Unmasking Anonymous Users


Reddit Defeats Filmmakers’ Second Attempt at Unmasking Anonymous Users

A California federal court has again denied a request to compel Reddit to unmask several anonymous users. Film companies say the Redditors’ comments could serve as relevant evidence in a piracy liability case against Internet provider Grande. However, the court concludes that the Redditors’ First Amendment right to anonymous speech outweighs the interests of rightsholders.

redditMillions of people regularly pirate movies and music without getting into trouble. In fact, some pirates even discuss their habits openly on the Internet, on platforms such as Reddit, for example.

Admissions of anonymous Redditors typically go unnoticed by copyright holders but even when observed, it’s rare for companies to take matters further or ask any questions. A group of independent filmmakers in the United States recently attempted to buck that trend.

The film companies and their attorney Kerry Culpepper are not planning to take any Reddit users to court. However, they do want to reach out to them to ask some questions about their Internet providers, which are being targeted in various lawsuits.

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