Reddit-Born Torrent Tracker BaconBits Shuts Down


Reddit-Born Torrent Tracker BaconBits Shuts Down

Private torrent tracker BaconBits is pulling the plug after serving torrents for well over a decade. The site was relatively small but has a unique history, as it initially launched as a tracker exclusively for Reddit users. A near-catastrophic technical failure in 2017 hit the site hard. While the site returned, it never reached its old highs again and staffers lost their motivation along the way.

baconbitsDuring the final stretches of the 2000s, a group of Reddit users decided that the community should have its own torrent tracker.

The idea emerged during Christmas 2009 after some Redditors, in the spirit of ‘sharing’, posted pirated content on Dropbox and Amazon S3. When those services were swiftly targeted with takedown notices, a torrent-based solution was proposed.

After a few hours of pooling resources, a small group of people managed to get a tracker up and running. That tracker was named “BaconBits”.

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