RARBG Shut Down in the Middle of a Bulgarian Piracy Crackdown


RARBG Shut Down in the Middle of a Bulgarian Piracy Crackdown

When RARBG shut down at the end of May 2023, Bulgaria was conducting a piracy crackdown. A major IPTV operation was carried out with EU assistance and the United States was helping out too. In the same month, USPTO delivered an IP workshop to 40 Bulgarian judges while the country’s Prosecutor General met with officials at the US House of Representatives.

rarbgWhen RARBG suddenly ended its operations at the end of May 2023, the absence of notice coupled with the immediate and comprehensive nature of the shutdown felt different to similar events of the past.

The RARBG team mentioned several factors that contributed to their decision to throw in the towel, but none even hinted at legal issues. The fact that a notice appeared at all does lean towards a non-chaotic termination of the site. However, with the site still attracting millions of visitors, yet no attempt to monetize traffic or sell valuable domains, the situation is somewhat unusual.

After years of criticism from the United States, in 2020 there were signs that Bulgaria would begin a crackdown against pirate sites including Zamunda and RARBG. The country reportedly requested assistance from the U.S. A year later, it appeared that Bulgaria was still interested in receiving U.S. help, but the sites remained online, along with others operated from the country.

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