Prolific ‘Copyright Troll’ Seeks BitTorrent Piracy Evidence From…..Netflix?


Prolific ‘Copyright Troll’ Seeks BitTorrent Piracy Evidence From…..Netflix?

Strike 3, the most prolific ‘copyright troll’ in the United States, is suing an individual said to have pirated its movies using BitTorrent. While that is nothing out of the ordinary, the currently anonymous defendant is now in a battle to prevent Netflix and Google from handing over masses of personal data that the adult movie company somehow claims is relevant to its case.

Netflix logoCompanies that file hundreds even thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits with the intention of seeking settlements to avoid trial, are often labeled ‘copyright trolls’.

In the United States, the undisputed leader in this space is adult video company Strike 3 Holdings, the owner of brands including Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen. In 2021 alone the company filed over 1,900 such lawsuits in U.S. courts but as far as we’re aware, not a single case has ever gone to trial.

That doesn’t mean that Strike 3 isn’t prepared to fight cases tooth and nail though.

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