PrimeWire Won’t Die or Stop Pirating, $21.7m Judgment Be Damned


PrimeWire Won’t Die or Stop Pirating, $21.7m Judgment Be Damned

For more than a decade, pirate streaming site PrimeWire took every anti-piracy measure Hollywood could muster and simply carried on. Having seen enough, in 2021 the MPA sued PrimeWire in the U.S., seized its domains, pursued it around the world, and won itself a sweet $20.7m judgment and a permanent injunction. Like a zombie that refuses to die, PrimeWire is back doing what it’s always done.

deadpirateMajor Hollywood studios Disney, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner, plus relative newcomer Netflix, are all members of the Motion Picture Association (MPA). They have something else in common too.

Every single minute of every single day, rain or shine, people can be found pirating their movies and TV shows online. In Netflix’s case, that means every single piece of content the company has ever produced.

For studios with longer histories and huge catalogs of movies and TV shows, piracy doesn’t win the Oscar for Total Content Coverage, but still gets top marks for effort on top of its annual lifetime achievement award. Hollywood’s corporate sheen and projections of wealth have a tendency to suffocate public empathy, but on any level, that must be pretty intolerable.

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