PrimeStreams Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Sucks in KTV Streams & Firestick Steve


PrimeStreams Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Sucks in KTV Streams & Firestick Steve

Cease-and-desist notices are an occupational hazard for anyone involved in the unlicensed streaming scene. Some choose to get out while they can to avoid a full-blown lawsuit, but others only see a potentially lucrative gap in the market. Rolling the dice can pay off but it can also go terribly wrong, as a PrimeStreams reseller has just discovered.

primestreamsUS broadcaster DISH Network has a reputation for chasing down anyone involved in piracy of its content. From large IPTV providers to resellers, from card-sharing networks to humble buyers, DISH can sculpt a suitable lawsuit for everyone.

Still fresh after obtaining a judgment worth more than half a billion dollars against an IPTV seller in May, DISH quickly filed a new lawsuit against the alleged operators of PrimeStreams, one of the most recognizable brands in the market.

The lawsuit, which alleges large-scale breaches of the Federal Communications Act and the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA, is still ongoing. If proven, DISH could be entitled to tens of millions of dollars in damages but in the meantime, DISH is doing what it always does – chasing down other people allegedly connected to the service.

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