Premier League Wants Cloudflare to Expose “HesGoal” Operators


Premier League Wants Cloudflare to Expose “HesGoal” Operators

The Premier League has gone to court in the US, requesting CDN provider Cloudflare to help identify the owners of The site, which is by far the most popular pirate live streaming portal in the UK, broadcasts a wide range of sports including the top football matches.

ball oldFootball is the number one sport in the UK and every week, millions of passionate fans cheer on their favorite Premier League teams.

This passion comes at a price. Many top-tier games are not broadcast live to encourage stadium visits. To watch the limited matches that are available, fans have to spend roughly £100 per month on a subscription.

It’s clear that football is big business; too big for some fans. Due to the high costs, pirate live streaming sites and services enjoy great popularity in the UK, with the most visited streaming portal of them all.

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