Premier League Players Ask Fans to Dump Piracy, Pirate Sites Seem Oblivious


Premier League Players Ask Fans to Dump Piracy, Pirate Sites Seem Oblivious

Unlike the UK, where Premiership stars are effectively firewalled from the national piracy controversy, players from Manchester United, Liverpool, and Everton publicly support the Premier League’s ‘Boot Out Piracy’ campaign in Asia. In parallel, the Vietnamese government has just published a list of sites subject to an advertising ban, which includes some of the most resilient football piracy sites. To cite a Jaws analogy, Casemiro and friends need a bigger boat.

xoilac-11Piracy of top-tier football matches is an extremely hot topic in countries playing host to Europe’s most significant leagues.

From Serie A in Italy to La Liga in Spain, physical and psychological battles are being fought against piracy services and increasingly those who frequent them. In the UK, where broadcaster Sky reportedly needs to recover at least £5m for every matched aired, following a record-breaking deal with the Premier League, nothing is being left to chance and few measures left off the table.

At least until now, however, Premiership stars themselves haven’t ventured too near to the front lines. Whether that’s by choice or design isn’t clear but a lecture from someone who earns more in a day than many fans do in a year could be even more disastrous than it sounds. Indeed, the fight against piracy effectively firewalls players behind their clubs, which in turn are shielded from controversy by the Premier League.

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