Premier League IPTV Investigations Gather Personal Data on Pirates


Premier League IPTV Investigations Gather Personal Data on Pirates

The Premier League and anti-piracy companies working on their behalf have the ability to conduct invasive online and physical investigations into those believed to be pirating. So, how far can they go, and are there any limits on information obtained in pursuit of potential pirates? In reality, there are limits. For practical purposes, none really matter.

It’s the summer of 2008 and the owner of a fairly new streaming site based in the north of England is on his way to a London hotel to meet a potential investor.

Two surveillance teams are already in place; one covertly video recording the meeting from a table in the restaurant, another monitoring the exits. After the meeting, the site owner returns to the north by train, a surveillance team in tow.

After getting off the train, a new surveillance team takes over and shadows the site owner home. No investment was forthcoming; the ‘investor’ was actually a private investigator working for copyright holders. A high-profile police raid followed just a month later, a lengthy prison sentence four years after that.

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