Premier League Declares War on IPTV Piracy From Behind a Paywall


Premier League Declares War on IPTV Piracy From Behind a Paywall

Expense and restricted access to live matches drive some Premier League fans towards piracy. Optimists believe this can be fixed; get rid of the 3pm blackout and be realistic on what regular fans can afford. By announcing its plan to crack down even harder on piracy, via a paywalled article published in the Financial Times, the Premier League’s messaging could hardly be more symbolic.

Pirate FireThe recent release of The Pirates vs The Premier League podcast series was a great opportunity to hear fresh voices and opinions on the Premier League’s piracy problems.

The Premier League has had piracy issues since its inception, although fundamentally no different to those endured by its broadcasting partners years before the Premier League even existed.

The podcast provided a platform where fans, experts, and other interested parties, were able to present their opinions on what motivates people to consume pirated streams to the detriment of the Premier League. There was even a slim chance that discussions would lead to solutions or at least some common ground.

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