PornHub Sister Company Seeks Piracy Blocking Order & $21m Damages


PornHub Sister Company Seeks Piracy Blocking Order & $21m Damages

Pornhub sister company MG Premium hopes to shut down the copyright-infringing tube site Goodporn. Following a bizarre court battle, the company is requesting a default judgment of more than $21 million. MG Premium also seeks an injunction that would require hosting companies, search engines, and other intermediaries to block the site’s domain names.

dollarsThe name ‘Aylo’ might not ring a bell with many people but it is one of the leading players in the adult entertainment industry.

Formerly known as MindGeek, and Manwin before that, the company conquered the online adult market over the past decade by offering free porn to the masses.

With help from user-uploaded videos, the company built massive databases of adult entertainment, much to the frustration of incumbent adult industry companies that, in the past, often found pirated copies of their content on MindGeek-operated sites.

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