Pornhub Domain Name Targeted in Bizarre Piracy Lawsuit


Pornhub Domain Name Targeted in Bizarre Piracy Lawsuit

Pornhub sister company MG Premium is embroiled in a bizarre lawsuit. The company, which is part of the MindGeek imperium, sued the tube site Goodporn for massive copyright infringement. However, Goodporn turned the tables by claiming that it owns the rights to its content, citing a previously signed agreement that MindGeek dismisses as fraudulent.

pornhub copyrightPornhub is without a doubt one of the most visited adult entertainment outlets on the Internet.

The ‘entertainment’ platform is owned by MindGeek, the company formerly known as Manwin. In just a few years it has transformed the adult industry’s pay-to-access model into an all-you-can-eat, free-to-stream business.

Part of this magic formula is down to Pornhub and other MindGeek-owned tube sites allowing users to share content. This material includes legitimate videos from official Pornhub models, as well as thousands of videos that are copyrighted by MindGeek, such as the Brazzers and Reality Kings brands.

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