Popular Torrent Site Taunts Anti-Piracy Boss and Investigators


Popular Torrent Site Taunts Anti-Piracy Boss and Investigators

Most pirate sites do everything they can to avoid getting noticed by anti-piracy groups and investigators. Spanish torrent site DonTorrent is clearly playing in a different league. The site’s operators openly taunt the most effective anti-piracy coalition ACE, while ridiculing OSINT investigators that approach them.

not voorn logoOperating a pirate site is not without risk. Those who get caught risk millions of dollars in damages, multi-year prison sentences, or even both.

To avoid that fate, many sites prefer not to poke the proverbial bear. With dozens of high-profile shutdowns in recent years, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is the biggest bear there is in the piracy landscape.

ACE is well aware of all large pirate sites, so hiding isn’t really an option. Instead, most sites simply try to stand out less than the rest, a strategy that doesn’t apply to one of Spain’s most popular torrent sites, DonTorrent.

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