Pirate Streaming Site Punishes Movie Fans With Free Festival Tickets


Pirate Streaming Site Punishes Movie Fans With Free Festival Tickets

People searching for movies on pirate streaming sites are regularly presented with ‘interesting’ offers. Whether it’s the prospect of becoming a crypto-billionaire overnight or learning one simple trick to lose belly fat, few are known to deliver. With that in mind, we checked out a new pirate site that hopes to connect movie pirates with those behind the silver screen.

mffwatchfreeUnder extreme pressure from copyright holders and numerous public campaigns, brand leaders and ad agencies agreed that reputable cash shouldn’t find its way into the pockets of pirate site operators.

Rightsholders believed that without access to mainstream advertising partners, pirate sites would eventually wither and die. Years later they’re still online, settling for less return per head but with increasing levels of traffic. Meanwhile, pirate site visitors that aren’t already blocking ads have to endure all kinds of ridiculous schemes promising wealth, wisdom, and whatever else pirates need these days.

But one freshly-launched streaming site is doing things a bit differently. It’s offering free stuff with no strings attached, and then actually keeping its word.

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