‘Pirate’ Spider-Man Remastered Steam Keys Sell Out in Sanctioned Russia


‘Pirate’ Spider-Man Remastered Steam Keys Sell Out in Sanctioned Russia

Spider-Man Remastered launched last Friday to decent reviews but gamers in Russia face problems buying from Steam. A local online store managed to get some Steam activation keys but sold out, despite selling them for close to the most expensive price in the world. Right now, Russians can either wait for new stock or take advantage of the game being cracked on day one.

spider-man-remast1Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, life in both countries has changed. While Ukrainians fight for survival, Russian citizens are dealing with the effects of sanctions and other restrictions.

Russian authorities are playing down the effect of the West’s efforts, but even humble video gamers know that things aren’t the same as before. The thousands of companies that stopped servicing Russia in March include many focused on video game development and distribution.

On Steam, for example, buying some games is at best problematic and at worst quite the headache for Russians, especially when it comes to payment options. Some publishers no longer allow their content to be bought in Russia at all so when new games are released – especially good ones like Spider-Man Remastered – there are hurdles to overcome.

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