‘Pirate’ Site Admins Arrested in 2015, Now Acquitted For a Second Time


‘Pirate’ Site Admins Arrested in 2015, Now Acquitted For a Second Time

In 2015, the operators of ‘pirate’ download site Series.ly were arrested in Spain following copyright infringement complaints from rightsholders in the U.S. After a court acquitted the men of criminal wrongdoing in 2022, the rightsholders filed an appeal. The men have now been acquitted for a second time, eight years after being arrested.

series-ly-logoIn 2014, David Tardà, Andreu Caritg, and Oriol Solé were hard at work in Spain developing Tviso, a service with a goal to unify legal streaming services into a centrally-accessed discovery hub.

Tviso was a new venture for the Spaniards, although not an entirely unfamiliar one. At the same time, the men were also the operators of Series.ly, a then-four-year-old “social television” download site that aimed to blend the benefits of free access to premium TV series and movies with a walled-garden social network of entertainment media fans.

With a reported four million users, Series.ly was a success. It reportedly generated over 638,000 euros in the three years leading up to 2015, after which new legislation in Spain would render its activities illegal.

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