Pirate IPTV User Fines “Coming Soon” But Are Not “Psychological Terrorism”


Pirate IPTV User Fines “Coming Soon” But Are Not “Psychological Terrorism”

The head of Italy’s telecoms regulator says fines of up to 5,000 euros for watching pirate IPTV streams are coming soon. Massimiliano Capitanio says users of apps downloaded from Google, Apple, and Amazon, will receive the same treatment, while confirming that investigators won’t have to obtain per-person permission from a court anymore. Italians are assured, however, that warning them of the risk of 5,000 euro fines is definitely not “psychological terrorism.”

italy-blockerThe head of Italian telecoms regulator AGCOM has confirmed that long-promised fines targeting end users of illegal streaming services will be arriving “soon.”

Massimiliano Capitanio has long insisted that citizens with an illegal streaming habit are legitimate targets for enforcement, but for those still unaware of that message, another reminder was published today.

“Perhaps it is not yet clear that penalties of 150 to 5,000 euros will be coming soon, and this, as with all fines, is a step that one would like to avoid but has become necessary, not least because those who do business illegally are making unsuspecting users believe that nothing will happen (user forewarned…),” Capitanio wrote on LinkedIn.

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