Pirate IPTV: Five Charged Following RCMP Cybercrime Investigation


Pirate IPTV: Five Charged Following RCMP Cybercrime Investigation

Following an investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, five people have been charged with distributing pirate IPTV services. RCMP officers raided GaloTV (Soltv) in 2021, seizing hundreds of set-top boxes, receivers and broadcasting devices. One of the men was previously sued by DISH and agreed to settle a civil suit for more than half a billion dollars.

canada-pirateThe world of pirate streaming and IPTV services is one of intrigue. Like the internet itself, it’s a web of interconnected networks populated by devices, ad hoc groups, and individuals who can appear in one place, only to pop up in another.

The case of pirate IPTV entrepreneur Carlos Rocha certainly fits the profile. In December 2020, US broadcaster DISH Network and tech partner Nagrastar filed a civil suit under seal in the United States, naming Carlos Rocha plus SolTV and Stream Solutions, a pair of known IPTV brands operated by the Toronto resident.

Rocha also had connections to SET TV, a supplier that collapsed under the weight of a $90 million judgment in the US. He sold subscriptions to several other IPTV services too, some of which have since gone down or are close to a service that has.

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