Piracy Subreddit Avoided a Reddit Ban By Censoring Itself to Death


Piracy Subreddit Avoided a Reddit Ban By Censoring Itself to Death

Reddit is probably the best discussion platform the internet has ever seen, but for those operating controversial subreddits, straying over the line a little too often can mean a permanent ban. With many piracy-focused communities already part of the big subreddit in the sky, others self-censor in a bid to stay alive. That can have devastating consequences.

iptv-smallIn the wake of the music industry’s destruction of Napster, hopes of a file-sharing vacuum were overwhelmed by a laundry list of protocols and software clients, some pre-existing, some new.

DCC, Gnutella, Freenet, eDonkey2000, Kazaa/FastTrack, WinMX, Bearshare, Grokster, Morpheus – the list went on and on – but with no social media, various news and discussion forums took off. Sites like Slyck, Unite the Cows, and Zeropaid became the subreddits of the day, but even 20+ years ago, these platforms were hardly a piracy free-for-all, far from it.

Unlike today, where users happily post direct links to infringing content on social media in their own name, two decades ago – in a legal environment far less developed than it is today – that was generally forbidden and respected as such.

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