Piracy Release Group EVO ‘Blames’ Movie Industry For Its Popularity


Piracy Release Group EVO ‘Blames’ Movie Industry For Its Popularity

P2P release group EVO has built quite a reputation in recent years by being the first to release pirated copies of screeners and popular movies. But what drives the group to take such an immense risk? Talking to TorrentFreak, EVO says that it’s mostly fun and partly motivated by Hollywood’s profit focus.

pirate streamDay in and day out, dozens of new movies and TV shows leak online. This is something most pirates simply take for granted.

Only a few people know who the suppliers are. This secrecy is much needed, as members of release groups risk criminal prosecution and multi-year prison sentences.

When we take a closer look at this supply chain there are broadly two groups. On one side there’s ‘The Scene’, a conglomerate of often intertwined groups that release ‘their’ content on private topsites. Rules and security are key in The Scene, but last year’s raids have shown that it’s not impenetrable.

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