Piracy Increases ‘Internet Buzz’ Which Boosts Legitimate TV-Show Viewership


Piracy Increases ‘Internet Buzz’ Which Boosts Legitimate TV-Show Viewership

Online piracy is constantly evolving and its effects on legal consumption vary greatly. While it’s hard to draw strong conclusions across the board, new research into the effects of TV show piracy finds there is a promotional side to illegal downloading. By generating online “buzz” on YouTube, Google, and Twitter, negative effects on legitimate viewership start to disappear.

pirate-flagPiracy is a complicated phenomenon and the reported effects on legal consumption are not always straightforward.

The issue has been researched extensively with both positive and negative effects being reported, often varying based on the type of content studied.

A new academic study published in the “Information & Management” journal adds another piece to the puzzle. Together with two colleagues, Korean researcher Dongyeon Kim studied how online piracy affects legitimate viewership and how “Internet buzz” mediates this impact.

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