Piracy Giants Zone-Telechargement & Tirexo Mysteriously Shut Down


Piracy Giants Zone-Telechargement & Tirexo Mysteriously Shut Down

Zone-Telechargement and Tirexo, two of the most popular pirate sites in French-speaking regions, have announced they will shut down. The original Zone-Telechargement was shut down by French police in 2016, but in common with many ‘branded’ pirate platforms, later returned to regain millions of monthly visitors.

zone-telechargementIn the early days of file-sharing the demise of a large pirate site or service would mean just that. The shutters would come down and users would migrate to new homes – story over.

In more recent times, the situation has become more fluid. The closure of a pirate site often means that identically named or at least similarly presented platforms appear as reincarnations, replacements, or simply the next big thing.

That’s why we’re reporting today on the closure of Zone-Telechargement (ZT), one of the most popular French-language pirate sites, almost six years after it was first ‘permanently’ shut down.

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