Peru Teams Up With IFPI to Fight Online Music Piracy


Peru Teams Up With IFPI to Fight Online Music Piracy

As part of the US Trade Representative’s annual Special 301 review, Peru has submitted a detailed update of its copyright enforcement plans and accomplishments. The Peruvian IP protection authority reports that it has teamed up with music industry group IFPI which will help to identify and block problematic sites, including stream-ripping services.

ifpiEvery year the US Trade Representative publishes a new update of its Special 301 Report, highlighting countries that fail to live up to U.S copyright protection standards.

The annual overview is meant to motivate foreign governments to improve policy and legislation in favor of US copyright holders.

This year’s list will be published in a few weeks. One of the ‘nominated’ countries is Peru, which is being closely watched by rightsholders. In response to various issues that were raised, Peru’s National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) sent an update of its plans and accomplishments to the USTR.

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