“Perfect” Piracy Shield & Propaganda: Blocking Blunders Branded “Fake News”


“Perfect” Piracy Shield & Propaganda: Blocking Blunders Branded “Fake News”

Just three weeks after launch, Italy’s Piracy Shield blocking system is set for expansion. The news was revealed by the head of AGCOM and local anti-piracy group FAPAV, who also addressed media reports that overblocking is already affecting innocent parties. Those media reports, published by reputable outlets, were dismissed as “fake news.” In reality, the claim that Piracy Shield is “working perfectly” isn’t just fake, it’s pure propaganda.

Logo piracy shieldItaly’s Piracy Shield blocking platform is the mechanism through which sports rightsholders exercise their right to use state-approved tools in their fight against IPTV piracy.

In common with other systems in use around Europe, Piracy Shield acts on information provided by rightsholders. After identifying the target to be blocked, domain names and IP addresses are fed into the Piracy Shield system.

From there, data is pumped directly to the nation’s ISPs who must block or risk financial penalties.

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