Oppenheimer Sees New Online Piracy Surge After Oscar Wins


Oppenheimer Sees New Online Piracy Surge After Oscar Wins

Oppenheimer was one of the most-watched movies in theaters last year, grossing nearly a billion dollars in box office revenues. For several months, the movie has been widely available on pirate sites too. While one might think that all demand would be satisfied, winning the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’ more than doubled the interest on pirate sites this week. The same Oscar boost affects other titles as well.

The Oscars is the most prestigious movie awards show of the year, one that’s closely followed by hundreds of millions of movie fans around the world.

This year’s awards ceremony was no exception. In the U.S. alone, close to 20 million people tuned in to the ABC show on Sunday evening; a four-year record.

In today’s connected world, news spreads quickly across other entertainment channels. As always, most interest goes out to the big winners. This weekend, Oppenheimer emerged as the clear victor with five Oscars, including the most prestigious “Best Picture”.

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