OpenSubtitles Hacked, 7 Million Subscribers’ Details Leaked Online


OpenSubtitles Hacked, 7 Million Subscribers’ Details Leaked Online

OpenSubtitles, one of the largest repositories of subtitle files on the internet, has been hacked. Founded in 2006, the site was reportedly hacked in August 2021 with the attacker obtaining the personal data of nearly seven million subscribers including email and IP addresses, usernames and passwords. The site alerted users yesterday after the hacker leaked the database online.

OpenSubtitles is one of the largest and most popular subtitle repositories on the Internet. Millions of subtitle files are downloaded every week in many languages, often to be paired with downloaded movies and TV shows.

The site was founded in 2006 by a Slovakian programmer who came up with the idea while drinking a few beers at a local pub. Following an announcement late yesterday, more beers might be needed to cope with an emerging crisis.

In a post to the OpenSubtitles forum, site administrator ‘oss’ reveals that the site – which has millions of members – has been hacked. Apparently the development isn’t new either.

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