‘Omi In A Hellcat’ Pirate IPTV Co-Defendant Forfeits Illegal Gains to U.S.


‘Omi In A Hellcat’ Pirate IPTV Co-Defendant Forfeits Illegal Gains to U.S.

Former pirate IPTV operator Bill Omar Carrasquillo has remained in the public eye since his arrest in 2019. Better known as YouTuber ‘Omi in a Hellcat’, Carrasquillo continues to appear in videos documenting his life. Meanwhile, his co-defendants are rarely mentioned in public. Michael Barone, for example, who will now forfeit all gains attributable to the pirate service.

omi in a hellcat carMore than two years ago the federal government shut down Gears-branded IPTV services operated by Pennsylvania and New Jersey man, Bill Omar Carrasquillo – better known online as ‘Omi in a Hellcat’.

The seizure of dozens of high-end cars and a reported $5.2m from bank accounts made international headlines in November 2019, further boosting Carrasquillo’s profile. A criminal indictment unsealed in 2021 revealed that the popular YouTuber wasn’t the only one under the government spotlight.

Together with Carrasquillo, Jesse Gonzales of California and Michael Barone of New York were charged with serious offenses relating to the illegal capture and redistribution of Comcast, Verizon, Spectrum, DirecTV and Frontier Communications broadcasts. ‘Person 1’ and ‘others’ known to the authorities were described as participants in the scheme but none were listed as defendants.

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