Nitro IPTV Loses $100m Piracy Lawsuit Leaving Hollywood Studios Fuming


Nitro IPTV Loses $100m Piracy Lawsuit Leaving Hollywood Studios Fuming

A US court has ordered the former operators of pirate IPTV service Nitro TV to pay more than $100m in piracy damages to broadcaster DISH. While the defendants are likely to be somewhat upset, major Hollywood studios are absolutely fuming. Despite their lawsuit against Nitro being filed months earlier, it’s still not over, allowing DISH to strike first against any available cash.

IPTVIn August 2021, US broadcaster DISH Network plus Sling and NagraStar sued pirate IPTV service Nitro TV.

According to the complaint, Alex, Anna, Martha and Osvaldo Galindo were behind the unlicensed streaming service which obtained its content from DISH satellite broadcasts and Sling’s internet-based programming.

Documents obtained by the plaintiffs revealed the sale of at least 100,363 subscriptions (‘device codes’) which allowed Nitro customers to receive live TV programming and a movie/TV show VOD service at discount prices. Two accounts at Wells Fargo and Chase operated by Alex and Martha received at least $5.5m relating to the IPTV service.

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