Nintendo’s War With 1Fichier is Not Over – But Could Be For $0.00


Nintendo’s War With 1Fichier is Not Over – But Could Be For $0.00

This week Nintendo celebrated victory over French file-hosting service The story seemed straightforward; 1fichier refused to take pirated content down so the court found it liable for €442K in damages. With 1fichier set to file an appeal, TorrentFreak is informed that Nintendo had been offered tools to instantly take down all pirated content at zero cost. Instead, disagreement on the basics of valid takedown notices continues to fuel the dispute.

1fichierWhen a company like Nintendo puts out a press release, the entire world pays attention. This week was no different.

Nintendo has been locked in a legal battle with French file-hosting service 1fichier for the past five years. The basic facts don’t appear to be in dispute; Nintendo informed 1fichier that it had found pirated copies of its games on the service, but 1fichier refused to take them down.

Nintendo responded with legal action in France and in 2021, won its case. By not taking the pirated content down, 1fichier became liable for damages, the court ruled.

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