Nintendo Hits Circumvention Tool Linkers With DMCA Trafficking Violations


Nintendo Hits Circumvention Tool Linkers With DMCA Trafficking Violations

In the wake of its one-week lawsuit targeting the Yuzu Switch emulator, Nintendo is back to clean up the house. The company has just shut down around 30 GitHub repos offering circumvention tools with attempts to evade liability given short shrift. One Nintendo takedown notice makes it clear that, even when people link to a third-party site that hosts tools available via different links, it still amounts to trafficking in circumvention devices under the DMCA.

nintendeal2It took less than a week for Nintendo’s lawsuit against the company behind the Yuzu Switch emulator to have the desired effect.

After agreeing to hand over $2.4m to Nintendo while complying with the terms of a broad injunction, Tropic Haze LLC evaporated in all but name and its developers drifted away into the night, apologetic and presumably penniless. At least, that’s what the paperwork and subsequent announcement implied, give or take.

With plenty of time in the interim to clone the Yuzu repo, many people did, purely for old times’ sake. Others still involved with projects related to Switch hacking and emulation had decisions to make, at least based on the theory that things had somehow changed. Some took evasive action, others took steps towards limiting liability, some appeared to do nothing; the usual mixed bag of responses following a big shutdown event.

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