Nintendo ‘Hacker’ Gary Bowser Released From Federal Prison


Nintendo ‘Hacker’ Gary Bowser Released From Federal Prison

Last year, a U.S. federal court handed a 40-month prison sentence to Gary Bowser. The Canadian pleaded guilty to being part of the Nintendo hacking group “Team Xecuter” and has now served his time. In part due to his good behavior, Bowser got an early release from federal prison. He’s now at the processing center, preparing for his return to Canada.

bowserIn the fall of 2020, the U.S. Government indicted three members of the infamous Team Xecuter group, the masterminds behind various Nintendo hacks.

The group allegedly made millions of dollars through its operation, which effectively shut down shortly after the criminal proceedings started.

The authorities arrested Canadian Gary Bowser in the Dominican Republic and Frenchman Max Louarn was detained in Tanzania. The latter, a notorious hacker, miraculously managed to avoid extradition to the United States. The same can’t be said for Bowser.

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