NHL Broadcasters Win Canada’s First ‘Dynamic’ Pirate IPTV Blocking Order


NHL Broadcasters Win Canada’s First ‘Dynamic’ Pirate IPTV Blocking Order

Canada’s Federal Court has handed down a ‘dynamic’ blocking order to prevent live NHL games from being viewed via pirate IPTV streams. The first of its kind in Canada, the flexible injunction was obtained by companies including Rogers, Bell, The Sports Network, and Groupe TVA. Unusually, it will be independently audited to assess over-blocking and any user circumvention via VPNs.

canada flagWith illegal streaming of live sporting events still causing headaches for leagues and broadcasters alike, rightsholders continue to demand more flexible tools to prevent infringement, especially via pirate IPTV services.

ISP blocking is one of the preferred anti-piracy tools and in 2019, following a complaint from major media companies including Rogers, Bell and TVA, Canada’s Federal Court approved the country’s first blocking injunction targeting IPTV service GoldTV.

While local ISPs complied with the injunction, not all were completely happy to do so. TekSavvy complained that granting one blocking injunction would likely lead to requests for many more, costing ISPs time and money. The ISP also noted that blocking was unlikely to be effective and within days, that prediction proved correct.

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