New VPN Crackdown Underway in Russia, Government Confirms


New VPN Crackdown Underway in Russia, Government Confirms

Authorities in Russia have confirmed a that a new crackdown to prevent citizens from accessing VPN services is underway. Telecoms regulator Roscomnadzor says that “measures” are being taken to limit access to VPN services that violate Russian law, which can simply mean providing access to content previously deemed illegal by the government.

censoredNext month will mark the 10-year anniversary of a new law introduced by Russia to ensure the safety of its citizens online.

The “Extremist Websites Blocking Law” created a national blacklist to prevent socially harmful websites from being accessed by the public.

No longer would extremist, terrorist, Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), or the promotion of illegal drugs be allowed to spread online. ISPs would block offending sites within hours of receiving a complaint and Russian society as a whole would benefit.

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