New Genshin Impact DMCA Subpoena Targets Leaker @merlin_impact


New Genshin Impact DMCA Subpoena Targets Leaker @merlin_impact

After targeting Ubatcha in 2022 and following up against other leakers in early 2023, Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere has another high-profile target in its crosshairs. A DMCA subpoena application filed at a court in the U.S. claims that Genshin Impact leaker @merlin_impact infringed Cognosphere’s copyrights. The details are somewhat interesting.

merlin_impact-sGenshin Impact publisher Cognosphere PTE Ltd is developing an aggressive stance towards people who leak images of unreleased content online.

In December 2022, Cognosphere targeted Ubatcha, one of Genshin Impact’s most prolific and popular leakers. Last month, Cognosphere kept up the legal pressure by targeting users of the popular ‘House of Daena’ Discord channel, among others

In both cases, Cognosphere’s attorneys filed DMCA subpoena applications at district courts in California. DMCA subpoenas compel service providers, such as Discord, Twitter or Reddit, to hand over information they hold on users identified by rightsholders as copyright infringers.

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