Netflix Continues to Expand its Global Anti-Piracy Team


Netflix Continues to Expand its Global Anti-Piracy Team

Netflix wants to expand its global anti-piracy team. To keep up with growth, the streaming giant has created a new position that brings together many facets of the company’s content protection work under one lead. Among other things, the ideal candidate will be required to support research on pirate streaming sites, cyberlockers, and other pirate platforms.

Netflix logoWhen Netflix had just started offering online video content years ago, it didn’t consider piracy to be a major issue.

However, now that the company itself is one of the largest content producers, this outlook has changed drastically.

Like many other rightsholders, Netflix now keeps a close eye on pirate sites and services. The company has its own in-house anti-piracy team with offices on several continents and also works with third-party anti-piracy vendors.

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